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MY FATHER JUST PASSED AWAY, I have no money to bury him.

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MY FATHER JUST PASSED AWAY, I have no money to bury him. By BebelPost message to Bebel Posted on Sep 24, 2007 (modified on Sep 24, 2007) I am originally from a small Country in West Africa called Rep. of Benin. I am now living in Washington. For some raison, things started going downhill for me 2 and half months ago. First, because of lack of grant money, some of us were temporally lay-off. I fall 2 months behind on my rent and had to report to Court and pay the court register with all the money I had left. A week ago (last Tuesday), the news came from Africa, that my father passed away and my mother, same age as my father 87 years old is critically sick but can’t get the treatment she needs because of lack of money. I am the only son, and the only direct relative. I am here to beg all the goodwill people to help me bury my Late Father, and send my sick Mother to the hospital. I know, each and everyone has some kinds of problem, still if you could, Please Help. No matter how small, you will be doing the greatest thing for someone you even never knew. The longer the body stays in the hospital, the more money “You and Me” will have to pay the Mortuary for the body to be released. I know it is urgent, no one planned for that. I can be reached at ( (LL_ PASSION@YAHOO.COM) or at Thank you kindly.

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